New Esperance dental service a knock out for the kids

Dentist a knock out for the kids

A new Esperance dental service is promising to put out the lights for local children and nervous grown-ups who can now choose a general anaesthetic for procedures.

The service will be available through the surgery of dentist Dr Rebecca Zand-Vakily with the assistance of specialist anaesthetist Dr Paul Ricciardo.

“It came about with Dr Ricciardo being available in town; he’s a specialist anaesthesist and is highly qualified and able to treat young children,” Esperance Bay Dental manager Iain Walker said.

“The big part of the demand is for young children in the chair who struggle to keep their mouth open.”

The procedure will be available for young children who require restorative procedures or teeth removed.

Some adults who have dental phobia or who need more serious dental treatment are expected to choose general anaesthetics, as opposed to the chair.

“They’ve travelled to Perth to do so in the past,” Mr Walker said.

“Children have been going to PMH and other private hospitals to have it done, but to be able to provide the service in town is a convenience and cost saving.

“We’ve been trying to provide the service for a long time and it’s Dr Ricciado’s availability that’s allowed us to do it.”

He said the opening of the new operating theatre at the Esperance Health Campus was also an invaluable resource for the service.

Mr Walker said Peter Treddennick and Paddy Glackin at the hospital were involved in preparing the service.

“We’ve been doing it since the beginning of June,” he said.

“At the moment there are scheduled theatre days; patients are booked through the dental surgery, sent to hospital and have a consult with Dr Ricciado.”

Esperance Health Campus operations manager Peter Tredinnick said the new and refurbished operating theatres opened in April.

“A number of surgical specialties are provided at the Campus including minor and major general surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, endoscopy, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and dental,” he said.

“Some surgeries, such as cardiac and neurology, are best performed in a tertiary hospital where medical support services are readily available.

“Theatre services are also kept available for emergencies that can occur at any time.”

He said the Esperance Health Campus worked in collaboration with all health providers in the community to ensure that the best possible care is provided close to home.