Junior Basketball Results, Friday November 2nd

A Grade Boys: Crows 41 beat Kestrels 35 (Best Players; Crows Jerome Reid and Ernest Dwyer; Kestrels: Shannon Nelson and Jye Harris)

                         Eagles 37 beat Vultures 21 (Best Players; Eagles Brendon White and Joel MacKenzie; Vulture: Fraser Twomey and Ben Staunton)

                         Falcons 34 beat Hawks 19 (Best Players; Falcons Sam Franzone and Austin Harvey; Hawks Tate Wyatt and Adam Poole)

A Grade Girls: Pearls 21 beat Emeralds 19 (Best Players; PearlsKaitlyn Harding and Janie Pickering; Emeralds Bree Wickstein and Kate Sainty)

                        Rubies 22 beat Sapphires 6 (Best Players; Rubies Alicia Jackson and Sam Zanotti; Sapphires Gillian Saunders and Kaitlyn Tion)

                        Opals 36 beat Diamonds 16 (Best Players; Opals Kelli Scheer and Emma Davis; Diamonds; Kacey Harland and Anna Baxter)

Boy’s Nike: Cobras 22 beat Dugites 21 (Best Players; Not available)

                    Vipers 43 beat Anacondas 22 (Best Players; Vipers Matt Spencer and Tim McIntyre Anacondas; Bailey Johnson and Jad Sermon)

                    Pythons 26 beat Taipans 24 (Best Players; Pythons; Rhiordan Hughes and Brayden Ainsworth; Taipans Michael Defrenne and Che Wyatt)

Girl’s Roxy: Dolphins 59 beat TDS 4 (Best Players; Dolphins; Georgia Beasley and Marie White TDS; Ali Liddleloe and Kate Spence)

                     Sharks 37 beat Marlins 16 (Best Players; Sharks Ali McArthur and Claire McIntyre; Marlins; Katie Paeche and Annie Flood)

         Harlequins 39 beat Stingrays 14 (Best Players; Harlequins; Hannah Davey and Chelsea Smith: Stingrays; Kelsey Capelli and Lucy Kirchner)

Boys Asics: Lions 32 beat TDS 23 (Best Players; Lions; Jayden Devenish and Dylan Gillis; TDS; Jacob Buckley and Angus Barter)

                    Panthers 25 beat Jaguars 16 (Best Players; Panthers; Jesse Rowe and Digby Harris; Jaguars: Cale Baxter and Callum Smart)

                    Pumas 33 beat Tigers 13 (Best Players; Pumas; Dylan Hampel and Simon Poole: Tigers: Cameron Saunders and Rohan Brooking)

Girl’s Billabong: Ravens 29 beat Starlings 5 (Best Players; Ravens; Shania Walker and Katie Quinlivan; Starlings: Liana Cook and Tayah Gardner)

                            Quails 22 beat Lorikeets 8 (Best Players: Amanda Bell and Suzanne Bell; Lorikeets: Shyanne Mack and Caitlyn Morier)

Boy’s Gaterade: Knights 32 beat Kings 13: (Best Players; Knights Trey MacKenzie and Connor Berry; Kings: Kai Males and Riley Matthews)

                           Barons 34 beat Dukes 21: (Best Players; Barons; Jacob Buckley and Jackson Marshall; Dukes: Angus Barter and Trey Hallam)

Girl’s Twilight: Twisters 35 beat Typhoons 28: (Best Players; Twisters; Emma Curnow and Harriet Kirchner; Typhoons: Georgie Beasley and Chloe Jackson)

                           Tornadoes 35 beat Hurricanes 30: (Best Players; Tornadoes Samantha Crisp and Nicola Crawford; Hurricanes: Liana Cook and Brittney Bonney)

Junior Basketball Results; Round 1, Monday November, 5th

(Best Players not available)

Boy’s Powerade: Torpedoes 38 beat Rockets 8

                             Bulletts 17 beat Bombers 14

Girl’s Bluehaven: Comets 37 beat Meteors 16

                                 Galaxies 26 beat Stars 20           

Boy’s Converse: Mustangs 14 beat Manoros 10

                           Ferraris 6 beat Corvettes 4                       

                           Porsches 16 beat BMW’s 10

Girl’s Vans: Dragonflies 18 beat Mozzies 6

                    Beetles 36 beat Crickets 20

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