Senior Basketball Commences

It was a great start to the 2012/13 season on Thursday night with teams although a bit rusty putting on some good close games. 

It was encouraging for the season to see all umpires turning up to do their duty. Karl Gurney will be happy to take your name if you are interested in umpiring this season.  

The door charges have been increased and a proportion of these charges will go into a “building” account to show the Shire that the association is proactive towards the building of a new stadium.  We need at least 2 more wood courts.

After the first round of games it looks like the A grade mens competition will be close with 2 new teams making up the 4 this season.  United womens A would have to be the favourites for their grade with many experienced players against the younger players in other teams.

Results –

Mens A Grade

United 26  def.  Spartans 23

In a replay of last seasons grand final this was a close and physical game.  United are without big man Ryan Neill who has a bad injury but with Roger Parsons once again in the team adds strength. Leigh Thornto n & Dave Arnold add more speed to the Spartans but it was the composure of Uniteds experienced players that let them stay in front of Spartans for the majority of the game and go on to win by 3 points.

Highest scorers  -  D. Mackenzie 7pts., T. Smith 6pts, N. Johnson 6pts. M. Edwards 5pts.

Redbacks 30  def.  Stingers 20

With both these teams being a mixture of players from different teams of last season, the Redbacks were fast out of the blocks and outran and outscored the Stingers who looked to be having trouble melding as a team. 

Highest scorers  -  N. Forbes 8pts., K. Staer 6pts,  S. Green 9pts., D. Thomas 6pts.

Womens A Grade

Newtown 20  def.  TDS 17

Highest scorers  -  J. Partington 6pts, L. Dale 5pts, S. Zanotti 8pts, J. Saunders 3pts.

United 28  def.  Panthers 12

Highest scorers  -  K. Browning 10pts, B. Smith, V. McCrea 4pts, C. Robartson 3pts.

Mens A Reserve

Stingers Blue defeated Red Cans on forfeit

Esperance Suns37  def.  United 2

(No scorers supplied)

Demons 41  def.  Lakers 37

Highest scorers  -  C. Vermey 13pts, B. Edwards 10pts, R. Donovan 8pts., G. Schultz 8pts.

Womens A Reserve

Mustangs 14  def.  Raiders 11

Highest scorers  -  J. Tyrell 10pts, H. Palmer 4pts., J. Mather 7pts, T. Reynolds 2pts.

Hawks 37  def.  United White 14

Highest scorers  -  S. Dimer 13pts, J. Evans 10pts, J. Andrews 7pts, T. Gorst 3pts.

United Black 30  def.  Stingers 29

F. Stewart 10pts, C. Spencer 8pts, T. Jackson 12pts, J. Tonkin 11pts.

United Green 42  def.  Deadly Diamonds 31

Highest scorers  -  T. Dell’Agostino 12pts, S. Walter 8pts, T. Bonney 9pts, T. Riley 6pts.

Newtown Blue 19  def.  Newtown 15

Highest scorers  -  E. Andrews 6pts, N. Kipling 4pts, K. Green 9pts, D. Rooney 2pts.

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