Talking Point, October 31

IT only takes a few surprise encounters with moving laundry to realise it is that time of year again and the moths are back.

We commonly see moths in Esperance around the end of October and through November as they come in to town looking for food sources once crops around the area have matured.

They pose no immediate threat but often give people a fright because of their irregular ‘flapping’ style of flying.

It is easy to feel inundated with moths at this time of year as they like to hide inside washing on clothes lines and sneak inside that way, or cruise in like they own the place, through open doors and windows, attracted by lights.

To minimise encounters the advice seems to be to reduce the amount of light coming from your home by closing blinds and curtains, and to keep doors and windows closed.

Shaking laundry before you bring it in should also guard against the more sneaky moths.

It is in the moths’ best interests not to be granted entry to buildings anyway as once indoors they have no access to food, so keeping them out does them a favour as much as it does us.

Keen gardeners with vegetable patches may prefer the moths head inside though as the moths have a somewhat inconvenient taste for leafy green vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.

To my mind though a lifeless moth on a windowsill, so near the outside world and yet so far, is a sad sight.

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