Esperance in Timelapse Australia

THANKS to Melbourne-based timelapse artist Eddie Hobson Esperance is to feature in a 10-minute video of Australia that will be screened in Melbourne.

Mr Hobson visited Esperance last week as part of his current project Timelapse Australia

and is spending 100 days travelling around Australia to create videos of each state and one 10-minute video covering the whole of Australia.

While in Esperance Mr Hobson visited the Great Ocean Drive, Rotary Lookout, the wind farm and Lucky Bay.

Mr Hobson said he wanted to do it to create something unique.

“Nothing like this exists,” he said.

“There are lots of beautiful videos of Australia but I wanted to do something different.

“Australia’s natural beauty lends itself nicely to timelapse which gives a surreal aspect to the subject because you see the movement of clouds and waves, and can watch the sun rise.

“It is like watching the world in fast forward, you see a vast amount of things going on which you don’t see in real time.

“By setting the camera to take a series of images over a set period, I can condense one hour to three seconds of footage, or four hours into 15 seconds.”

Mr Hobson estimates he will take over 1,000,000 images for the project that can be viewed online

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