Purrfect end to sticky situation

TWO very cute offenders were dealt with at the Esperance courthouse on Wednesday morning.

In a combined operation between Esperance Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (EVFRS) officers and local animal foster-carer Sue Mayfield, two three-week-old kittens were rescued from the ceiling and wall cavities of the court building where they had become trapped.

Esperance Court Officer Trudy Giles contacted Mrs Mayfield at 8.30am after a hearing mewing coming from the ceiling above the courthouse offices.

Mrs Mayfield said she called on assistance from the EVFRS after experiencing difficulties reaching the kittens.

“I attempted to access the manhole to retrieve the kitten, but was unsuccessful in my efforts,” Mrs Mayfield said.

“I called the EVFRS and three officers arrived who accessed the roof by ladder and were able to enter the space that way.”

EVFRS Apparatus Officer Mal Biscoe and officers Mathew Stokes and Allan Sharpe were able to promptly retrieve a small grey kitten.

Mrs Mayfield said they encountered a surprise shortly after.

“We had closed it all back up and then lo and behold heard more mewing coming from the ceiling!” Mrs Mayfield said.

Thermal imaging was used to pinpoint the location of the second kitten.

Eventually, a snare provided by the Shire of Esperance Ranger Services was used to lasso a ginger-haired kitten, which had become stuck in a wall cavity.

EVFRS Apparatus Officer Mal Biscoe said the rescue effort was a good example of cooperation between all parties involved.

“It was a challenging and involved rescue,” Mr Biscoe said.

The two kittens were taken to Swans Veterinarian Services where they were placed under observation for the day.

Esperance Court Officer Sonya Dowsett said she would be adopting the grey kitten, named Zero, and the ginger kitten has also found a home.

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