Esperance Port Access Corridor project on track

THE $120 million Esperance Port Access Corridor project is on track with works ramping up in the coming months, according to John Holland’s project manager, Matthew Dinnison.

“We have cleared vegetation along the north and south sections of Harbour Road and started earthworks on Fullerton Street,” Mr Dinnison said.

The current works, which commenced in August, will enable the construction of the new railway tunnel under Harbour Road.

“The railway tunnel is the major milestone to get underway and our target date to commence that part of the project is early November,” Mr Dinnison said.

Mr Dinnison said that the realignment of 1.8km of Harbour Road and 1.3km of the existing railway between Mungan Street and the Esperance port would increase from now on.

“In the next six months we will ramp up the construction process, with 2013 being the key period for development.”

Mr Dinnison said that John Holland was working with a range of stakeholders to minimise disturbances.

“We have to maintain the current rail and road operations, which means that we have a 12-hour window once a month to work on the rail line,” Mr Dinnison said.

“We’ve been working with a range of stakeholders, from Main Roads, the Port, local residents, local Government and service authorities, to ensure minimum disruption.”

With regard to increased traffic along Harbour Road, Mr Dinnison said that they had observed less local traffic as the Esperance community avoided the area where possible, but that there had been an increase in road trains due to approaching harvest season.

He said the artist’s impression of the Port Access Corridor project had been generally well received by the public.

“This design was created so that locals can see for themselves what the project looks like with all the components, such as the tunnel, the bridge and the new placements of the railway and road.

“The Esperance community has been petitioning for this since 1993, so I’m sure they are happy to see it get underway.”

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